Preschool Supplies

Please do not label any items, as we share them with the whole class. 
1 pump bottle of unscented hand sanitizer
1 container of unscented baby wipes or Wet Ones wipes (not Clorox)
1 pump bottle of hand wash soap
1 box of tissue
10 large glue sticks
1 boxes of Large Crayons (basic colors) - 8 crayons per box (Crayola brand only)
1 box of pipsqueak markers (Crayola brand please)
1 pack of 5 oz. paper cups (100 per pack-Dixie brand carries this size)
1 pack of 7" paper plates (100 per pack)
Donating supplies is optional.  Let your teacher know at Meet and Greet if there is a problem with purchasing supplies for your child.  A request to replenish supplies may happen later in the year.