Fifth Grade School Supplies

$150 payment for Camp Orkila by March 2020
1 reusable plastic water bottle
1 backpack
2 spiral notebooks
1 composition notebook (black & white)
3 plastic pocket folders
1 pair headphones/earbuds
1 calculator
1 clipboard

Shared Class Supplies (No labels*)
1 pair scissors
1 box colored pencils
2 Post-It tablets
4 dry erase markers
3 highlighters (1 pink, 1 yellow, 1 green)
1 small package of pencil eraser tops
1 pkg lined paper
3 ballpoint pens (with cap, no clicker)
1 roll paper towels
1 package of napkins for snack
2 boxes kleenex
1 large bottle of hand sanitizer
1 box bandaids
3 packages unscented cleaning wipes

Classroom snacks are provided by families and shared as a class. Exemptions for individual snacks are based on IHP documentation. Snacks must be nut free and non-perishable. Your teacher will communicate classroom snack procedures the first week.


*The fifth-grade cohort works on collaborative work and shares class supplies.  Please note all the following supplies are community supplies and don't require labeling.