Student Acceptable Use Computer Policy

I understand that the use of district technology is a privilege and if I do not follow the Student Acceptable Use Computer Policy, then I will be denied the use of district technology in addition to consequences.

  1. I will read, sign & returned the Permission for Student Use form with a parent/guardian before using a computer at school.
  2. I will have permission from a teacher or instructional assistant before using a computer at school.
  3. I will never give my password to anyone else and I will never use anyone's password but my own.
  4. I will only visit websites as directed by my teacher.
  5. I will only use my district provided email account for school related work.
  6. I will not change any computer settings without permission from a staff member.
  7. I will use district technology equipment appropriately and respectfully (hardware and software).
  8. I will not bully or communicate disrespectfully with pictures, words, or other media using district technology.
  9. I will follow copyright and fair use guidelines.
  10. I will not share any of my personal information online (phone number, address, name, etc.).
  11. I understand that the district (my teachers and Mr. DeGallier) can see and monitor everything that I do on district technology equipment.

The above rules are a summary of the Lake Washington School District Student Acceptable Use Procedures (II-ABR), which articulates the entire policy for district technology usage.

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