JME Drop Off/Pick Up and Parking Lot Procedures

Like every elementary school, the JME parking lot is a very busy place before and after school. The safety of our students is our highest priority so if you choose to drop off or pick up students please plan to being patient.

1. Always drive slowly and use caution when using the JME drop off/pick up zone and parking lot. Also,follow any directions from the adult safety personnel wearing yellow safety patrol vests.

2. Only our north parking lot may be used for drop off/pick up before and after school. The south lot is for school bus and day care van use only.

3. It is permissible to park in the south or north lot and walk on campus to drop off or pick up your student before or after school, but please do not use the south entrance during school hours.

4. For those drivers with handicapped parking permits, please drive directly to one of the 3 designated spaces available. If all the spaces are filled, please return to the drop off/pick up zone or park in one of the guest parking spaces.

5. When using the drop off/pick up zone please pull as far forward in the zone (to stop sign) as possible. If using the drop off/pick up zone, students are expected to be able to get in and out of the car without adult support. If they are not, please allow time to park in a marked parking spot and walk the student onto campus.

6. When using the drop off/pick up zone students are to exit/enter their car on the curb side for safety. For their safety, students are not to exit from the left side of the car into the pass through lane.

7. Do not drop off or pick up your child on 132nd Ave NE or in the middle of the parking lot.

8. Students are not to walk into the parking lot without an adult accompanying them.

9. Parents are permitted to park and wait for their children at Kamiakin Middle School at pick up time.

10. Please turn right out of our parking lot as posted on the sign at the north lot parking lot exit.

11. Please be mindful that the parking area closest to the building in the north parking lot is for STAFF ONLY.

JME Guest Parking:

We have two parking lots with limited guest parking. The church next to John Muir also allows JME guest parking on the south side of their parking lot; the side away from the church and closest to the school.

When entering the main parking lot (north), please decide whether you need to park or just drop off/pick up a student. There are two lanes that curve to the right. One is for curb drop off/pick up and the other is to continue through so that you can find a guest parking spot. Please see the map.

Please do not enter the staff parking lot unless you have an ADA placard. The signed lot is for JME staff and emergency vehicles only.