General Information S-V


For high school, middle school and elementary school after hours events sponsored by the school or the PTSA, all students must be accompanied by an adult. All school conduct regulations remain in effect at school and district events, and apply to visitors from other schools. Students will be accountable at their home school for violations that occur at other district schools, or at school sponsored events.


If a child comes to the health room with 100 degree or more fever, the parent is contacted to pick up the child and take him/her home. When children come back to school from being sick, it is expected that they are healthy enough to participate in all school activities. We do not have the facilities or the personnel to supervise children inside during recess. If children are too ill to go outside, it would be best to keep them home an additional day.


All students will receive a written report in January and also at the end of the school year in June. Parent-Teacher conferences will be held in October and January. Additional conferences may be scheduled throughout the school year by the teacher or parent as needed.


Adult supervisors and student safety patrol help support student safety as students walk to and from school. Students are expected to follow the safe walking route guidelines provided by the LWSD Risk Management office and use the designated crosswalks where there are supervisors and student patrols. The following crosswalks are supervised and should be used by students walking to and from school:

  • 132nd Avenue NE and NE 140th Street (traffic light)
  • NE 132nd Street and 132nd Avenue NE (traffic light near 132nd Square park)
  • NE 140th Street and 129th Place NE
  • On 132nd Ave, a crosswalk with flashing lights in front of Kamiakin and John Muir

These guards and supervisors are given the authority to remind students to act in a safe manner and to report if students are not responsive to their reminders.


Students may use their umbrellas to and from school, but they may not use them during recesses.


Having visitors/volunteers at JME is both encouraged and appreciated. Please don’t forget to sign in at the Office and wear a badge at all times while you are in the building. As a reminder, when visiting students for lunch, walking your child to class in the morning, or dropping off a healthy snack to donate, please do not expect to use that time to chat with teachers about questions or concerns about your child, as they are expected to be instructing and supervising students beginning at 8:55am until 3:30pm. Any conferences, meetings, and or time needed to speak with the teacher should be scheduled with the teacher in advance. Teachers check their email daily and are expected to get back to you in a timely manner. We protect our instructional time at John Muir in order to provide your child(ren) with the best educational experiences possible.