General Information D-H


If a student must be excused during the school day for any reason, the parent must notify the office ASAP with when and who will be picking up the student. The adult/parent must come into the office to sign out the student who will then be summoned to the office.


If school needs to be closed for any reason an automated email will be sent to you and a phone call generated with instructions about picking up your child(ren). Also the School District will notify local radio and television stations so stay tuned there for updates. In case we need to contact you by email or phone, it is important that student emergency information is correct. Please contact the office if there are any changes in your contact information.

We suggest you remain at home unless directed by emergency personnel to come to the school grounds. If you arrive at the school during an emergency, you should go to the area in front of the school and wait for directions from the staff. Please do not enter the playground. Very specific procedures for student release must be followed in any emergency situation so please be patient. All these procedures help guarantee student safety.


Emergency drills are held monthly. These drills include fire, earthquake, intruder and lock downs.

John Muir Elementary 425.936.2640
Safe Arrival for reporting absences 425.936.2641 (from 4:00 p.m. to 9:30 a.m.)
Lake Washington School District 425.936.1200
Public Information 425.936.1270


Students in Washington State may apply for an enrollment variance to attend a school in a different school district (out of district variance) or to another school in the Lake Washington School District (in-district variance).

Variances are accepted on a space available basis. Refer to the school district website,


The Lake Washington School district is required to protect families from unauthorized release of certain information about its students. However, directory information may be released without permission from parents unless parents submit the Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information form. A copy of this form is available in our office. Directory information is routinely used by the school district in news releases, school event programs, and student directories. Such information is also released for the purposes of providing educational, scholarship, vocational/occupational, and/or military information (or to the new media or law enforcement). This information will not be released for commercial purposes.


Health is one of the subjects taught in grades 4th and 5th. Students and parents will get information in the fall at Curriculum Night and a letter will go home 1 month prior to sex education/HIV instruction. Waiver forms are available in the office if a parent chooses not to have the child participate in the health curriculum. Parents have the right to preview the material being taught by setting an appointment with the Principal.