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Welcome to the Kamiakin Band Program!

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  • Common question about elementary band
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Here are some thoughts about Kamiakin's band program from some of our current band members, as well as those now in high school and college!

  • "Joining band was the best decision I ever made!" - Frost graduate, alto sax and clarinet
  • “If band were a car, it would be a Ferrari…it’s THAT cool!" - Frost graduate, percussion
  • “I love band! It's the one class that I look forward to every day!” - Keller graduate, bassoon
  • “Band class is 55 minutes long but only feels like 10!” - Muir / Franklin graduate, alto sax
  • “I love band because it's an awesome way to hang out with your friends.” - Muir graduate, trumpet
  • “I wake up every morning excited to come to band!” - Frost graduate, percussion
  • “A class with a really good teacher and GREAT students! You won't want to miss out!” - Frost graduate, French horn
  • “I’m thrilled when the period starts and disappointed that it has to end.” - Keller graduate, trumpet
  • “There’s nothing more fun than creating music with 50 of your best friends!” - Franklin graduate, flute
  • “Band is like a flower; every petal works together to make something beautiful.” - Thoreau graduate, tuba
  • “Learning, playing, creating music…having fun!” - Keller graduate, trumpet
  • "Band is the class I look forward to most!" - Twain / Franklin graduate, clarinet
  • "With band as one of my classes, school is WAY more enjoyable. I always leave band smiling." - Frost graduate, tenor saxophone
  • "In band...we all come to know each other through one thing; the music." - Frost graduate
  • "We're one big family :)" - Helen Keller graduate
  • "Band is a group you can count on, while doing something you love." - Frost graduate
  • "In band, I became part of a VERY big, happy family." - Keller graduate

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