The teacher-librarian encourages and supports lifelong learning and literacy by maintaining an up-to-date diverse collection of materials in a variety of formats, by teaching research and information skills which result in self-reliant and critical users of information, by promoting a love of reading and by supporting curriculum with instruction and resources.


How does this happen?

The teacher-library media specialist encourages and supports learning and literacy as:

  • TEACHER: teach essential information and technology skills.
  • READING ADVOCATE: guide and promote reading, books, media, and technology.
  • INFORMATION MANAGER: provide information and technology services, systems, resources, and facilities.


School library media specialists are critical in evaluating the flood of information available to students. The library media specialist introduces students to a wide variety of literature through books. In addition, students need to have skills in the areas of analysis, interpretation, synthesis, application and communication of information. The teacher-library media specialist is integral to the development of these skills.